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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am on a roll

Well lets hope some of this momentem keeps up throughout the year...... I have finished the dolly quilt and it is 2 weeks until Emma's Birthday not bad going. I am very pleased with how it looks.

I also have made my first item out of a book I received for Christmas and it is a skirt for ME. I also love how it has come together.

Now I can start on those 2 blocks for the Quilts for Qld project that I am supporting it is providing quilts of hope to people who have lost everything in the floods recently. It is hoped that something personal will just help make rebuilding their lives a little easier.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Dolls Quilt for Emma's Babies

I am having a go at making a dolls quilt for Emma's babies. This will be part of her Birthday Present in February as I am giving her my dolls bed that was made by my Grandfather for me when I was 2. It is very precious to me and special but it also is quite sturdy and as she loves babies and mothering them I feel she is old enough to play with the dolls bed and properly and not damage it. The original bed linen and bedspread are all intact just as they are going on 40 years old they need a revamp and spruce up so some new sheets and a pretty girlie colours quilt is just the thing. Here is the WIP the 10 cm squares cut and ironed (remember i hate ironing).
The squares lay out to work out placement. I am also happy to say that I have actually stitched them all now I just need to cut out the backing fabric and wadding for the middle and quilt it. Then I have to make some binding and finish it by binding it. Perhaps tomorrow night some of that will happen. Tonight I am updating blogs.
Still on quilting I am also and call me crazy as I am not really a quilter. I have committed to making 2 quilt blocks that are 12 1/2 inches square and will be joined with other blocks to make quilts for QLD for the flood relief. For full details follow this link. www.retromummy.blogspot.com this amazing lady is organising it.

School Chair Bag

As we will have a big Year 1 boy he needs a chair bag for school it is part of the school booklist requirements. I wasn't too fussed on the ones that the school sold that are made out of shadecloth fabric in horrible colours so my Year 1 boy chose red as his base colour and he loves trains so some leftover Diesel Train fabric from his bunting was used for the pocket. I had some black cotton that I used for his name and this was my first attempt at blanket stitching on my new (well not so new anymore machine it will be 2 years old in May). Both Hamish and i are very pleased with how this chair bag turned out and it will be very easy for him to recognise his from the shadecloth ones.

It has been awhile

I admit it I am terrible at keeping my blog updated so I will show you the things I made in the latter part of 2010 and promise to try and update it more often in 2011. There I have put that in writing now so I will have to do it or my best.

I made a few little hats and was thrilled with how they turned out.

I also made the teachers presents for DS class and they said they liked them too so I was pleased with how they turned out and that the teachers were pleased to receive them or so they said.