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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some Fabric fo ME

I saw this on the weekend and loved it had to have it I like that it is different. DH was a bit are you sure you want that and I told him his opinion didn't count and I was getting it anyway he tells me last night that he now likes it. Anyway I am going to make a skirt just have to be careful when I cut it to make sure I pattern match the girls in it. As it wasn't cheap so don't want to make a mistake and have to get more.


At 8:03 pm, Blogger ingrid said...

I really like this fabric. My dh knows his opinion doesn't count anymore. He just has to say 'lovely dear' and smile, lol.

At 3:34 pm, Blogger Kylie said...

Oh Flossie, I am in love with your fabric!!! Where did you get it??? I cant get anything like that(the blasted NT)
Can't wait to see what you make with it.


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